Nebraska Legislature narrowly gives first-round approval to gun legislation

Omaha, NE – Nebraska lawmakers narrowly approved legislation Wednesday that makes changes to state gun laws. The bill is sponsored by Senator Brad Ashford of Omaha. A key component of the legislation repeals a 1991 law that requires gun buyers to secure a permit before purchasing a firearm. Instead, instant background checks would be done at the time of the purchase. Ashford says he supported the 1991 law but promised to push for its repeal if technology allowed for background checks to be done when a buyer goes to make a firearm purchase.

The measure also requires the state's Crime Commission to study issues related to gun violence and report back to the Legislature every two years. Senator Ashford says that report would determine if lawmakers created new legislation designed to curb gun violence.

The legislation received first-round approval with the minimum 25 votes needed. Senator Ashford says he's optimistic the legislation will pass.