Nebraska Legislature returns to session Wednesday

Jan 6, 2014

State Senator Heath Mello says he’ll support legislation in the upcoming session to address prison overcrowding and good time laws.

The Nebraska Legislature returns to session Wednesday. Senator Mello, of Omaha, says he’s working with Senator Brad Ashford on legislation that would address overcrowding and recidivism issues. Mello also plans to introduce a bill creating a tax amnesty program.

"A concept I’m planning on introducing that deals with some of the issues of the Tax Modernization Committee report is looking to create a tax amnesty for those who owe back taxes. So it makes the state collect taxes in a quicker period, as well as going after tax cheats who just aren’t paying their taxes right now for one reason or another."

Mello is chairman of the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee. He says they’ll be focused on balanced budget items and potential budget challenges.