The Nebraska Medical Center is One of America's Best

Jul 31, 2013

US News and World Report has ranked The Nebraska Medical Center 45th in the nation for its cancer care.

About 5,000 hospitals were surveyed to obtain the rankings.

Glenn Fosdick, president and CEO for The Nebraska Medical Center, says US News and World Report does its best to examine healthcare across the country and identify the level of capability in different programs throughout the hospital world.

Fosdick says The Nebraska Medical Center felt fortunate to be ranked regarding cancer care.

He says last year, they had patients from all 50 states and a few different countries go to NMC for cancer treatment.

" That tells a lot right there. The fact that physicians from around the world have recognize that, for certain types of cancer, we are the place they want to send their patients to. When it comes to lymphoma care, we are internationally recognized. When it comes to pancreatic cancer, we are nationally renowned.”

Fosdick says The Nebraska Medical Center has been fortunate to attract talented physicians who develop strong programs.