Nebraska opts for federally-run health insurance exchange

Nov 16, 2012

The state of Nebraska will participate in a federally-run health insurance exchange, according to Governor Dave Heineman.

Friday is the deadline under the Affordable Care Act for states to submit an outline to the federal government as to what type of health insurance marketplace they’ll offer.

During a news conference Thursday, Heineman said he sees little difference between a state or federal system. “A state exchange is nothing more than the Affordable Care Act, with all of the important and critical decisions made by the federal government. The Affordable Care Act is being totally dictated and totally controlled by the federal government.”

Governor Heineman says a state-run health exchange would cost Nebraska $646 million from fiscal years 2013 to 2020, while a federal-run marketplace would cost $176 million.

Heineman argues cuts to education spending or higher taxes would be needed to fund a state-based marketplace.