"Nebraska Presence" the One Book, One Nebraska pick this year

Apr 2, 2018

“Nebraska Presence: An Anthology of Poetry” is the One Book, One Nebraska pick this year.

This Wednesday, April 4th, the Bellevue University Library will offer a poetry reading featuring 13 of the poets with works in the anthology. 

Clif Mason, Dean of Bellevue University’s College of Arts and Sciences, says after they are introduced, each of the poets will read the works they have in the book. 

Mason says subject matter varies from death, science fiction and landscape to family, both functional and dysfunctional.  He says poems can bring a lot of richness and power to a person’s life.

"Nebraska poets aren’t pretentious.  They don’t stand on any kind of ceremony or pedigree or anything else. They simply write in the best way they know how to connect with the most people.  I think their poems are very accessible.  I think people will find a lot of humor involved in the poems and a lot of real fresh perceptions about contemporary times.”

Poets who will read include Marilyn Coffey, James Solheim and Lucy Adkins.

The event takes place Wednesday at the Bellevue University Library over the lunch hour, from 12:30-2.  Information is available at