Nebraska Ranks 27th in New Report

Dec 24, 2013

The state of Nebraska comes in 27th in the nation for protecting kids from tobacco.

That’s according to a new national report released by a coalition of public health organizations. 

Peter Hamm, Director of National Communications for Tobacco Free Kids, says there isn’t anyone on the list who couldn’t improve. 

He says states have been receiving money for years from a master settlement agreement with the tobacco companies. 

Hamm says the money was supposed to help cover the healthcare costs associated with smoking. 

He says the problem is the agreement doesn’t require states to spend a particular amount of money helping people.

“It’s become a very convenient source of general funds that can be spent on anything and everything. And unfortunately, not on helping kids to avoid starting smoking and helping people who want to quit to get the treatment and counseling they need to be successful at quitting.”

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