Nebraska Republican Party files challenge to Democratic Senate candidate Bob Kerrey's residency

Mar 20, 2012

The Nebraska Republican Party is challenging Democratic Senate candidate Bob Kerrey’s candidacy in court.

GOP officials filed the lawsuit Tuesday afternoon in Lancaster County District Court. It’s in response to Secretary of State John Gale’s ruling last Friday that Kerrey can remain on the ballot. Kerrey registered to vote February 28th in Douglas County, and declared his candidacy the next day.

Nebraska Republican Party chairman Mark Fahleson says they want an expedited review of Gale’s ruling, and Kerrey’s name removed from the ballot.

Nebraska Democratic Party Chairman Vic Covalt issued a statement saying “These kind of political shenanigans might be expected in New York, but not in Nebraska. Now who is playing the part of a New Yorker? Fair, competitive elections are the Nebraska Way.”

Nebraska’s primary election is May 15.

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