Nebraska Roadway Safety Act combines key traffic safety measures

Jan 15, 2014

The Nebraska Roadway Safety Act combines several important elements into one legislative bill, LB 807.

Rose White, Public Affairs Director for AAA Nebraska, says if the bill becomes law, several laws will change from secondary enforcement to primary enforcement.

White says this would mean those who don’t wear safety belts can be ticketed for that offense. 

The bill would also change the provisions of the graduated driver’s license law, which would limit the number of passengers allowed in the vehicle operated by a young driver.

"It will also make primary the use of wireless communication devices by teenagers while they are driving.  And the final element of the bill concerns school buses.  It will call for the ban of the use of cell phone use by school bus drivers while the vehicle is in motion.  Cell phones may be used when communicating with the school dispatch centers or in emergency situations."

Additionally, law enforcement would be able to ticket people who text while driving, though texting while not in motion is legal.

LB 807 will be heard by the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee at a later date. 

The Nebraska Roadway Safety Act is supported by AAA, the Nebraska Safety Council and the National Safety Council Nebraska.