Nebraska second in the nation for Census participation

Omaha, NE – Nebraska has the second-best overall census participation rate in the nation, according to a new report.

The U.S. Census Bureau says Nebraska is tied with North Dakota for the second-best participation rate. As of Monday, 57 percent of households had returned their 2010 Census forms. UNO's Center for Public Affairs Research released the new participation figures this (Tue) morning.

Research Coordinator David Drozd says Census participation is important to the amount of federal funding that comes to Nebraska. The state received $1,700 per person in federal funding in 2008, based on 2000 Census figures. That comes to more than three billion dollars in funding.

Drozd says redistricting also depends on an accurate population count. The Omaha metro could add two State Senate seats after redistricting next year.

April 1 is Census Day.