Nebraska Spring Walk to School Day set for April 20th

Omaha, NE – Safe Routes Nebraska is celebrating Nebraska's 4th annual Spring Walk to School Day on April 20th.

Angela Barry is Nebraska's Safe Routes to Schools Coordinator. She says Safe Routes to Schools provides 100% federal funding for projects that make routes to school safer so kids can walk or bike more. Barry says one of the best ways to fight childhood obesity is to encourage kids to be more active. She says on April 20th it's up to each school how they want to run their individual program, "The day of the event they could have stations along the route. A lot of schools do a healthy breakfast in the morning and then they do maybe a school assembly during the day to maybe enhance those safety issues and health issues. You know, promote it throughout the day and at the end of the day do incentive items to encourage kids to walk home from school so there's many different ways that you can do it."

For more information on Nebraska's Spring Walk to School Day, the website is