Nebraska Tourism Commission's Strategic Plan Recommendations

Aug 20, 2012

The Nebraska Tourism Commission recently released their statewide strategic plan to grow and promote tourism.

Director Kathy McKillip says the strategic plan is a process instructed toward the tourism industry through a legislative bill.  She the directive instructs the tourism industry to come together and focus on developing a strategic plan with objectives for the future. 

McKillip says the plan is expected to be implemented over a 5-10 year period.  She says one of the major ideas to come out of the report involves creating more national awareness for the state.

"Some of those are accomplished with media tours.  And we are going to be hosting a media tour for the metro region September 14th-19th which we are very excited about.  And we are having a consulting company, Geiger and Associates, come in and bring in about 25 national travel writers to look at the Metro region and promote that back to the areas they write for.”

McKillip says the Tourism Commission will also be working to make their website more interactive.  She says though some consider the tourism industry to be fluff, it’s actually a business and she says they want to do a better job of handling it that way. 

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