Nebraska voters reject elimination of State Treasurer's office

Omaha, NE – A Constitutional amendment that would have abolished the Nebraska State Treasurer's office failed Tuesday by a two-to-one margin.

Senator Dennis Utter of Hastings sponsored the amendment in the Unicameral. It would have abolished the office in 2015. Utter says all options, including elimination of offices, should be considered during tough economic times. "We have to look at every possible place we can to make our state government more efficient, more effective, provide the necessary services to the people of Nebraska, and eliminate areas where the services are no longer necessary," Utter says.

Utter says he hasn't decided if he'll introduce the measure again during the coming legislative session. He believes eliminating the office would save the state money.

Nebraska faces a $1.4 billion dollar budget shortfall during the coming biennium. Republican Don Stenberg won the State Treasurer's race Tuesday.