Nebraska, western Iowa House members vote no on health care bill

Washington, D.C. – Nebraska Republicans are already thinking of ways to undercut the Democrats' health care legislation passed in the House last night.

Republicans have been trying for months to stop the Democrats' health care overhaul and they're not about to give up now.

The House may have passed the legislation but the Senate still has to approve a package of fixes - including one that would scrap the so-called 'Cornhusker Deal' giving Nebraska special help. Congressman Adrian Smith says he expects Democrats to face some obstacles. "If you talk to some senators, they've made comments that they see several votes ahead and this will not be the last one," Smith says.

Congressman Lee Terry is skeptical of Republicans being able to quickly undo the legislation once it is enacted. But he says they can start rolling it back, especially if they make significant gains in upcoming elections. "If we can get the House and Senate back, then we could perhaps de-fund the process going forward. You can't repeal the bill without the same that got us here, meaning 60 votes in the Senate, a huge majority in the House, and a President who would be willing to sign it."

All three Iowa House Democrats voted for the legislation.