The Nebraska WorkForce Index for the fourth quarter showed a decrease in unemployment

Omaha, NE – The AIM Institute and Creighton University's College of Business produce the Nebraska WorkForce Index.

Adam Haeder is the CIO at the AIM Institute. He says the Nebraska WorkForce Index was created in 2007 in an effort to use data from the AIM Institute's job posting site to more accurately represent the current state of Nebraska's labor force. Haeder says the WorkForce Index showed positive signs in the fourth quarter. He says, "the numbers from the Bureau for Labor Statistics show unemployment for our state is going down quite a bit and that is lining up with the number of job postings we have on Careerlink. So that number, though it's not back down to 1.0 when we base lined it, is down to 1.52 which is quite a bit better. It's very heartening to see that unemployment rate drop as much as it has."

AIM's job trend data indicates the three areas with the most positions posted include Human Services; Information Technology; and Scientific Research and Engineering. Haeder says the next Nebraska WorkForce Index will be released in early June.