Nebraska Workforce Index Shows Slight Gain in 2nd Quarter

Omaha, NE – The AIM Institute along with Creighton University's College of Business produces the Nebraska Workforce Index. The quarterly report measures labor availability against job availability in the state.

Kandace Miller, President of the AIM Institute says the second quarter 2011 index showed a slight improvement at 1.58. She says the closer the number is to 1.0, the nearer Nebraska is to full employment. Areas of job growth include transportation, health science, marketing, sales and service.

In terms of unemployment, she says Nebraska is in better shape than much of the country, "Our unemployment rate is 4.67. I'm not exactly sure what the national rate is but it's a lot higher than that. And there are some communities that have pockets where there is 12, 13 or 15% unemployment. What we think is relatively a tight market for us is really, compared to the rest of the country, still a really positive environment."

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