Nelson supports, Johanns opposes omnibus spending bill

Omaha, NE – The U.S. Senate could vote within the next few days on a $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill.

The omnibus bill, as it's known, is being criticized by Republican lawmakers, who say it contains too many earmarks. A continuing resolution has funded Congress and its related agencies since October. Those resolutions keep government funding at the same level as it was during the previous fiscal year.

Senator Ben Nelson says a continuing resolution would increase government spending, and he'll vote against it if another one is introduced. Nelson says the omnibus bill includes funding for a new Omaha VA hospital, for a new STRATCOM headquarters, and for the Innovation Campus in Lincoln.

Meanwhile, Senator Mike Johanns says he'll vote against the spending package. A statement from Johanns' office says the omnibus bill grows government at a time when the focus should be on cutting spending.

Nelson's comments came Wednesday during his weekly conference call with reporters.