'Nervous and excited' Creighton medical staff head to Dominican Republic

Omaha, NE – Nine members of Creighton University Medical Center's staff are in the Dominican Republic, where they'll provide surgical and medical services to victims of the Haiti earthquake.

The medical staff left Eppley Airfield Saturday afternoon with food, medical supplies, blankets and baby items. They'll go first to the Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. From there the team may be traveling to a hospital in Jimani, a town on the Dominican Republic-Haiti border. Earthquake victims are being taken to that hospital for treatment.

Dr. Brian Loggie, professor of Surgery at the Creighton University School of Medicine and Director of the Cancer Biology program, organized the trip. The medical personnel include a pediatrician, nurse anesthetist, and surgical nurse. Dr. Loggie put the mission together in 48 hours.

A private donor paid for the flight that Creighton's medical personnel took to the Dominican Republic. Right now the team has not booked a return flight home.

Click on the link above to hear Theresa Keefe, nurse anesthetist, Danya Swanson, RN, and Dr. Tommy Lee, surgeon, talk about why they wanted to join the mission.

In pictures: Creighton medical personnel leave Omaha for mission to Dominican Republic (photos by Katie Knapp Schubert)