New Census Figures Released for 2008-2012

Jan 13, 2014

The Census Bureau recently released survey data spanning the years 2008-2012.

David Drozd is Research Coordinator at the Center for Public Affairs and Research at UNO.  Drozd says the data gives us our best comparisons among counties. 

He says the numbers indicate how income has changed in the state. 

Drozd says the data show that Nebraska’s growth and real household income has not been able to keep pace with inflation, something he says is true for most states.

"You know we experienced fairly good numbers over the decade in part bolstered by a strong agricultural economy at the end of the decade.  But again, when we look at some of Nebraska’s specific counties: Douglas and Lancaster County both show about a 10% drop in real income levels currently versus about 10 years ago.”

Drozd says only five states had a real increase in income during those years after accounting for inflation.