A new facility for Children's Respite Care Center

May 2, 2013

The Children’s Respite Care Center is opening a new facility on 138th and Discovery Drive.

Terri Fitzgerald, President and CEO, says the Children’s Respite Care Center staff specialize in working with children who have disabilities. 

She says the two areas where they have seen growth are their rehab therapy and behavioral health programs. 

Fitzgerald says many of the children in their behavioral health programs have cognitive impairment as well as mental health issues, so they have a specialized staff for that.

"We’re going to have a large therapy gym and treatment rooms that surround it so that we can serve more children from outside the community, not just the children we serve on a daily basis.”

The Children’s Respite Care Center broke ground on the new $6.5 million center last week. 

The 23,410 square foot facility is expected to open in February 2014.