New Global Scholars Program at Creighton seeks to deepen educational experience

Jan 16, 2018

Creighton is kicking off its new Global Scholars Program this fall. 

Lizzy Curran, Global Programs Coordinator, says this is a program incoming freshmen can apply for when they are wanting to deepen the degree they are seeking through experience.

Curran this is a program the president really wanted to integrate to make Creighton more of a global-focused campus. 

The Global Scholars Program will give students experiences beyond the typical Midwest education.

Curran says traveling and studying in different countries will give students a more global outlook in whatever area they’re studying.

"And it really came together because of our partnership with the University of Sydney in Australia.  And that would be students’ first stop throughout their four years.  They would spend their first semester at the University of Sydney.  And that partnership is so strong and has so much staff support that we felt really confident going forward with them and sending freshmen there for the fall semester.”

Curran says the program is capped at 20 students and that the program is really catered to each individual student and their major. 

More information is available at