New group seeks to be a voice for nonreligious Nebraskans

Mar 12, 2013

A new grassroots effort in Nebraska seeks to represent atheists, agnostics, and nonbelievers at a statewide level.

The group is called Nebraska Secular Advocates. Chairman Mike Lewis says they want to be a voice for atheists, agnostics, nonbelievers, and freethinkers. Lewis says they’ve already testified before Unicameral committees against three bills, including one called the Health Care Freedom of Conscience Act.

"We believe that no provider’s religion or conscience should get in the way of someone’s ability to get access to legal treatments, or legal drugs, or care that is often medically necessary."

The Health Care Freedom of Conscience Act, sponsored by Senator John Nelson, is currently in the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee.

Lewis says the goals of Nebraska Secular Advocates are twofold: to remove a stigma associated with a nonreligious affiliation, and to influence public policy at the state level. He says the group won’t exclude religious Nebraskans who support the group’s mission.