New Learning Community Center to focus on early childhood education

Jun 17, 2014

A new Learning Community Center will open in September in north Omaha.

The center is currently under construction at 24th and Franklin Streets. The Learning Community is partnering with Kellom and Conestoga Elementary Schools to focus on activities supporting early childhood education.

Ted Stilwill, CEO of the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties, says the center will be a place for activities supporting early childhood education teams at Kellom and Conestoga.

"We’re supporting child care providers, and we’re supporting parents and families in the Kellom and Conestoga area, all to help their very young children develop more effectively and fully, and be able to succeed academically as they enter and pursue school."

Stilwill says the north Omaha center will serve 300 to 500 families.

It’s the second Learning Community Center. The first one, in south Omaha, focuses on family literacy.