New media and old media, will they co-exist?

Omaha, NE – Last month's Omaha Press Club Noon Forum featured UNL College of Journalism and Mass Communications Dean Gary Kebbel.

Kebbel focused his Press Club speech on new media and old media and their ability to coexist. He also discussed the future of newspapers, specifically whether online media will kill the newspaper. Kebbel says a key question is whether news organizations are in trouble, and if so, what role digital media has in that. He says news organizations are more than just the newspaper and TV and have lots of ways to survive in digital media. He says he thinks the correct line of thinking is, "we are a news organization. Our brand is what's important and we no longer should care how that brand is delivered. If that brand happens to be delivered on someone's iPhone, great. If it happens to be delivered via text message on their Blackberry, great. If it happens to be delivered in a video clip on their computer, great. Because the user doesn't care." Kebbel says the user is probably thankful that the news organization is making it easier for them to follow the brand they like and trust.

Dean Kebbel's complete presentation will air on Monday, March 28th at 12:00 on KIOS.