A new online security course is available to small business owners

Nov 19, 2013

The U.S. Small Business Association is offering the courses that teach small businesses about the importance of cybersecurity.

Michael Foutch, Economic Development Specialist with SBA, says a lot of small businesses are facing problems with hackers breaking into restricted files and stealing private data.

Foutch says this online course is meant to educate small business owners about some common sense things they can do to protect their businesses and their data.

"The importance of securing information through cybersecurity practices, how to identify the types of information that should be secured.  A lot of small businesses don’t realize what needs to be secured and away from potential hackers.  Identifying the types of cyber threats.”

Details on the courses are available online at Once you get to the website, click the learning center tab and a drop down menu will take you to the cybersecurity courses.