New option for PTSD treatment

Omaha, NE – Peace Center USA hopes to provide Veterans with another outlet for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment.

Omaha's Peace Center USA is launching a PTSD treatment program in January. It's designed to help Veterans who may be uncomfortable receiving treatment for the disorder at the VA Hospital. Families and loved ones of Veterans can also receive treatment through Peace Center's program.

Peace Center Board President Scott Anderson says cases of PTSD among Veterans are underreported by as much as 60 percent. He says that's because many Veterans believe they'll jeopardize their career or their benefits if they report suffering from the disorder.

Anderson says Peace Center's program isn't designed to compete with already existing programs at the VA Hospital. He says Veterans who are comfortable receiving counseling there for PTSD should do so. Peace Center's counseling and treatment program will be administered by the Omaha YWCA.