A new partnership expands Grab-N-Go breakfast in schools

Jan 16, 2014

ConAgra Foods and Omaha Public Schools are partnering to expand the Grab ‘N Go breakfast program.

Kori Reed, Vice President of the ConAgra Foods Foundation, says child hunger is an important issue to ConAgra. 

She says statistics indicate 30,000 children in Douglas and Sarpy Counties are food insecure, which means they don’t have consistent access to food throughout the year. 

Reed says through this partnership, ConAgra is offering schools cash incentives to implement alternative breakfast programs like Grab ‘N Go.

"Cold options such as cereal and hot options such as pancakes or waffles and fruit are usually available.  And the bags are recyclable so the kids go through and pick up the hot and cold items, go to the classroom, then clean up and outside in the hallway there are recycle bins and trash bins.  They deposit their stuff there and then they are ready to go for the day.”

On Monday, Senator Bill Avery of Lincoln introduced legislation that would create a grant to help expand participation in school breakfast programs. 

The grants would be funded by corporations in the food industry.