New Report Analyzes States' Small Businesses

Mar 15, 2013

The Small Business Profile for the States and Territories is an annual analysis of each state’s small businesses.

Leon Milobar, Nebraska District Director for the Small Business Administration, says the report indicates Nebraska’s economy was strong in 2011, with private-sector employment increasing 0.7 percent. 

He says the report also shows that Nebraska’s unemployment rate decreased by 0.3 percent in 2011. 

And during the midst of the economic recession, from 2007-2010, small businesses in Nebraska represented all of the net new jobs.

"We’re seeing more businesses opening rather than closing so that’s a very positive sign in terms of what’s happening in the economy.  One thing the Federal Reserve always talks about is Nebraska is slow to go into a recession and very quick to come out.  And that’s because of the make-up of businesses that we have here in our state.”

Milobar says healthcare, retail and manufacturing businesses have the biggest impact in the state.  All of the small business profiles can be viewed online.