New website aims to increase public input on Omaha city issues

Omaha, NE – Omahans have a new way to tell city department heads what issues are most important to the community.

The city launched a new service Wednesday called "EngageOmaha." The website works like a virtual town hall meeting: city leaders pose questions for the public to comment on, and EngageOmaha members can vote on those issues.

David Arnold, spokesman for Mayor Jim Suttle's office, says the city hopes for increased public input on issues such as the budget and essential services. Arnold says about 35 people attended each of the seven budget forums last year.

Anyone wanting to discuss or vote on topics on must sign up and verify their email address. However, your username doesn't have to be your real name.

Arnold says the city budget will be part of Engage Omaha's discussion board through the end of May. He says public comments could shape the new fiscal year budget process.