The next Hungry Club event features the Executive Director for the Omaha Public Library

Omaha, NE – The Executive Director of the Omaha Public Library will speak at the next Hungry Club event on June 2nd.

Gary Wasdin will discuss both short term and long term plans for the Charles Washington Branch in North Omaha. Wasdin says his number one priority is to improve the hours the library is open, "It's currently open five days a week and is closed on Fridays and Sundays. And that's a real challenge for that community. It's so visibly critical that they have that safe space, that safe alternative of a place to go."

Wasdin says during summer private funding allows the North Omaha library to be open on Fridays. He'd like to find the money to continue staffing Fridays throughout the fall. The Hungry Club takes place at Noon on Wednesday, June 2nd at Big Mama's Kitchen.