Nine States Join Iowa for Midwest STEM Forum

Jun 20, 2013

The Midwest STEM Forum took place in Des Moines last week. 

The event brought together leaders from nine states, along with corporate partners, to discuss Science, Technology, Engineering and Math curriculum.

Tim Albrecht is Communication Director for Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s office.

Albrecht says the forum focused on what states can do to better promote these skills so students have the knowledge they need to work in a 21st century economy. 

He says Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds has made it a priority to ensure that all students in Iowa have STEM resources available to them either through schools or after school programs.

"There’s long term planning around strategic initiatives directed at policy, professional development, public/private partnerships, public awareness and more.  Those are simultaneously underway.  And they are recruiting students of all ages in our K12 system, especially letting female students know that they are welcome and encouraged to participate.”

Albrecht says the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council recently did a survey that showed only 25% of Iowa parents knew what a STEM program was.

He says the majority of parents did believe that science and math were vital for their student’s future career choices.