North Omaha First Monday Forum Features the Mayor

Oct 4, 2013

Mayor Jean Stothert will speak at the North Omaha First Monday Forum next Monday.

With issues like the budget addressed, Forum Organizer Preston Love Jr. says he’s hoping the Mayor will talk about other issues such as planning, crime and jobs. 

Ultimately, he hopes there will be a good dialogue between attendees and the Mayor, as well as an informative question and answer session after her presentation.

"To me the most pressing thing is jobs.  People come up and want to talk about what the mayor is going to do for economic development and jobs.  They want to know what her leadership will provide.  Councilman Gray is doing a lot and did a lot with then-Mayor Suttle and so I think the big question on a lot of people’s minds is going to be ‘Will she be as proactive as he was?’”

The North Omaha First Monday Forum takes place at Noon next Monday, October 7th.  The event takes place at Chef Mike’s, at 24th and Lake Street.  More information is available at 402-812-3324.