North Omaha First Monday Forum to Focus on ACA

Aug 27, 2013

For those without health insurance, the health insurance marketplace under the Affordable Care Act opens up on October 1st.

Preston Love, Organizer of the North Omaha Forum, says the Affordable Care Act is an important piece of legislation that he feels the general public has little information about.

Love says that’s why the next North Omaha First Monday Forum on September 9th will focus on Obamacare.

He says in North Omaha, they are trying to get a head start by providing as much information to the community as possible.

Love says this falls into three categories.

"People need to have a basic knowledge of what the different aspects of the law are, in other words, what things are in the law. Secondly, they need to understand how that will apply to their lives and their personal situation. Lastly, they need to be informed in what actions need to be taken and understand what penalties they may incur by not taking the proper actions.”

The North Omaha First Monday Forum will be held at Noon on Monday, September 9th at Chef Mike’s, 24th and Lake Streets.

Love says Lisa Davis, President of the Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska is the key speaker. For more information, the number is 402-812-3324.