Northwest High School recognized as No Place for Hate

May 23, 2013

Omaha’s Northwest High School has been designated as “No Place for Hate.”

Northwest was recognized last week by the Anti-Defamation League. John Nguyen, a Resource Teacher at Northwest High School, says the school had to meet certain criteria.

“Over half or a majority of the population of the school had to sign a resolution of respect. And basically what that says is they will be active against hate and stand up to bullies and just, you know, that hate is not allowed in our school. And I believe it was like 70 percent of the population that signed it. And then after that we had to do at least three anti-bias activities to promote the No Place for Hate.”

Nguyen says participating in the No Place for Hate program brought students together and gave the school a sense of community. Northwest High School students also produced an anti-bullying video that aired on the school’s Husky Vision weekly newscast. The Student Council designed a t-shirt promoting the No Place for Hate program.

1,213 students attend Northwest High School.