November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Nov 6, 2012

10.8 percent of Douglas County adults reported being diagnosed with diabetes last year, according to a Community Health Needs Assessment done by Live Well Omaha.

Julie Kamphaus of the Diabetes Education Center of the Midlands says without diagnosis and management, diabetes can cause serious health conditions. “The elevated percentage or level of glucose in the blood stream, the longer that goes on, the more internal damage and complications can result. And some of those would include eye disease, kidney disease, cardiovascular and heart disease, neuropathy, which is a numbness and tingling or an altered sensation in the feet and hands.”

The Community Health Needs Assessment shows the highest percentage of diabetes cases among adults in Douglas County are in northeast and southeast Omaha. 33 percent of the cases are in African-American or Hispanic adults.

Kamphaus says the best ways to prevent the onset of diabetes are with a healthy diet, exercise, and weight management.

The Diabetes Prevention Alliance is offering free testing every day this month. More information is available at