NPPD to borrow $235 million for general improvement projects

Jan 27, 2012


The Nebraska Public Power District plans to borrow $235 million dollars for general improvement projects, including work at Cooper Nuclear Station.

NPPD plans to issue the bonds Monday. Spokesman Mark Becker says $62 million dollars will be used for upgrades at Brownville’s Cooper Station, as part of the utility’s license renewal.“Also there’s a number of what I call paper projects, basically, we are going to a 24 month refueling cycle from 18 months, which means we have to do a lot of changes in procedures and how we go about doing testing to validate things, so there’s a lot of that that goes on as well, but a lot of it has to do with equipment.”

Becker says a 24 month refueling cycle will save the utility and its customers money.

NPPD currently has projects underway at transmission stations near Hallam and Sutherland. Becker says the bond issuance won’t increase NPPD customers’ rates.

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