The NRC Meets with OPPD about Fort Calhoun

Aug 29, 2013

Fort Calhoun Station was the focus of a public meeting held between OPPD officials and the NRC at its Region IV office in Arlington, Texas on Tuesday.

At the public meeting, the NRC staff praised OPPD for all the physical work they’ve done at the plant to get components, structures and systems ready in the event they are allowed to restart. 

Lara Uselding, Region IV spokeswoman, says the work at the plant is ongoing and no decision about restarting the plant was made Tuesday. 

Uselding says the purpose of the meeting was for OPPD to present their plan for sustained improvement at the meeting, one of 14 remaining items on the restart checklist.

"Enhancements to their safety culture at the site.  Their corrective action program, which is where when items are found at a site, they go into a corrective action plan with a timeline for resolving those issues.  They also discussed their design document procedures and other operating programs.  So it was a good discussion where they presented how they think they have addressed these areas and how they think they can make improvements going forward.”

The NRC stated at the meeting that they would be ready to come and inspect Fort Calhoun at the end of September if OPPD says they are ready for inspection.