NRC, OPPD discuss possible changes to Ft. Calhoun Station operating license

Apr 22, 2013

OPPD and Exelon Nuclear Partners say some additional work being done at Fort Calhoun Station could result in amendments to the plant’s operating license.

OPPD and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission discussed the possible license change issues during a meeting Monday morning. The nuclear plant closed in April 2011 for refueling. Missouri River flooding and safety issues kept Fort Calhoun Station closed. Monday’s meeting focused on tornado, earthquake, and flood preparedness.

Bruce Rash, Project Management Director for Exelon Nuclear Partners, says the changes are part of the goal to re-open Fort Calhoun Station safely.

"We do know it is a history that it had a licensing basis that evolved over time, and in some cases our license didn’t keep up with some of the documentation that we should’ve submitted."

Rash says OPPD and Exelon are working to fix that. Exelon assumed day-to-day operations of Fort Calhoun Station last year. OPPD still owns the plant.

No re-start date has been set.