NRC, OPPD to meet about Fort Calhoun Station

May 13, 2014

NRC and OPPD officials will meet Tuesday in Omaha to discuss ongoing activities at Fort Calhoun Station.

The nuclear plant re-started last December after being shut down for more than two years. Fort Calhoun Station went offline for refueling in April 2011. Missouri River flooding and a series of safety violations kept the plant closed until December.

NRC Region 4 spokeswoman Lara Uselding says it’s an informational meeting and no decisions will be made. She says OPPD continues to do work at Fort Calhoun Station on items identified by the NRC in a confirmatory letter, including problem identification resolution and flood recovery actions.

Uselding says the plant continues under increased oversight and is operating safely.

The public meeting begins at 6 pm at the Omaha Marriott hotel.