NRC says Fort Calhoun Station ready to restart

Dec 17, 2013

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says Fort Calhoun Station is ready to restart.

In a news release issued Tuesday afternoon, NRC officials say they’ve reviewed all of the actions OPPD took in order to restart the facility. It shut down in April 2011 for refueling. Missouri River flooding and a series of safety violations kept the plant closed. NRC says the plant is cleared to open immediately.

In a letter to OPPD, the NRC says “The plant, people, and processes are ready to support the safe restart of the Fort Calhoun Station.” Once the plant restarts, three NRC inspectors will be there to provide round-the-clock oversight.

OPPD and the NRC held a public meeting in Omaha last month to update the progress toward restarting Fort Calhoun Station. NRC officials say those public meetings will continue.

OPPD spokesman Jeff Hanson says it’ll take five to six days to restart Fort Calhoun Station to 100 percent power. A news release from the utility says more than 69,000 tasks had to be completed.