NWS: Friday's storm was a straight-line wind event

Omaha, NE – The National Weather Service says Friday's storm damage was caused by straight-line winds that reached 110 to 115 miles per hour in some areas.

The NWS survey examined damage from Saunders and Dodge Counties into southwest Iowa. Weather Service officials say the damage path is three to five miles wide.

The 110 to 115 mile per hour winds affected an area from Woodcliff to just north of Elkhorn. According to the NWS survey, boats, houses and outbuildings were heavily damaged in Woodcliff. Mount Michael, just outside of Elkhorn, had portions of its roof ripped off during the storm.

When the severe thunderstorm moved in to Omaha, it had maximum wind speeds of 90 miles per hour. The NWS survey found significant tree and power pole damage in Omaha.

70 to 90 mile per hour winds were also reported in southwest Iowa as the storm passed through Pottawattamie and Mills Counties.