OLLAS Celebrates 10 Years with Cumbre 2013

Nov 4, 2013

The Office of Latino/Latin American Studies at UNO, also known as OLLAS, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an event called Cumbre 2013.

Lourdes Gouveia, Director of OLLAS, says Cumbre 2013 is a celebration and a series of open dialogues.  Gouveia says OLLAS is dedicated to the productive incorporation of the new and growing Latino population into the political, economic and social life of the region. 

She says Cumbre 2013 will offer open and high caliber conversations about the most urgent issues concerning the Latino/Latin American communities in the city and region.

"What will Latino political power and civic engagement look like in the next decade?  What will it look like in 2014?  In 2016?  These are election years.  One of the panels is dedicated to that with another dedicated to migration.  What are the educational challenges that we must be able to address effectively?”

Cumbre 2013 is free and open to the public. Participants are asked to register though at the conference website.  Tickets are required for the keynote luncheon.