The Omaha Airport Authority's Executive Director says operations are normal at Eppley Air Field

Omaha, NE – The Executive Director of the Omaha Airport Authority says there is no imminent threat at Eppley Air Field because of flooding.

Steve Coufal says the OAA started working on the first phase of its contingency plan after Memorial Day. He says the first phase focused on asset protection, maintaining normal air operations and redesigning a pump station on the east side of the airfield. Additionally, Coufal says the OAA began developing a flood fighting plan and a levee evaluation on the property. He says the second phase of the contingency plan was implementation and construction, "We focused on a pump station modification on the east side and contingency planning such as the placement of sandbags in key locations, and most recently with the implementation and installation of 70 dewatering wells. And that was to stabilize the airfield. The goal was to reduce the risk of sand boils and sinkholes."

Coufal says operations are normal at the airport with two runways in operation and a third available if needed. He says the proactive plan that's been implemented is going well and contractors are doing a good job. Coufal says there have been sand boils and sinkholes. Those have been managed and monitored appropriately.

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