Omaha Among Top 10 Great Cities for College Grads

Omaha, NE – The city of Omaha has been named one of the Top 10 Great Cities for College Graduates by

Andrea Browne is the Channel Editor for She says Omaha made the list due to its low unemployment rate, short commutes and low crime rate. Browne says cities on the list were chosen based on the strength of the job market and the growth of the local economy, as well as culture, nightlife and the percentage of people ages 20 to 24. She says some of the smaller cities on the list are home to the headquarters of major companies, "You know if you're a new college graduate just starting out and you want to get lots of opportunities, you might want to consider going to a smaller area because you might have a chance sooner rather than later to have more of an impact on a company's bottom line. Where if you go to a larger city like New York or D.C., it might take you some time to get in a position where you're actually making decisions or contributing to the greater good of a company."

A complete list of the Top 10 Cities for Graduates is available online at Kiplinger is is a Washington, D.C.-based publisher of business forecasts and personal finance advice.