Omaha-based group builds housing for people with disabilities

Council Bluffs, IA – A $2 million project in Council Bluffs is designed to provide safe, affordable housing for people with disabilities.

Omaha-based MOSAIC is building two apartment complexes on the city's north side. When they're complete in June, ten units will be available for low-income residents with disabilities. The other four will be marketed to low-income individuals and families.

Jim Pullman, Executive Director of MOSAIC in western Iowa, says people with disabilities often have difficulties finding safe, affordable places to live. He says those places can often cost a person up to 80 percent of their income. Residents who live in MOSAIC's housing will pay 30-percent of their income in rent.

$1.4 million of the $2 million cost is being paid for with a Housing and Urban Development grant. Another $500,000 is coming from the newly created I-JOBS program.