Omaha Boulevard System Nominated for Historic Designation

Nov 14, 2012

Happy Hollow, Courtesy of

Two public meetings were recently held to gather comments and suggestions from Omaha residents on the city’s Boulevard System.

The 16-mile historic Boulevard System runs primarily East of Happy Hollow. 

Dave Ciaccio, Business Owner, says public sentiment focused mostly on taking care of the boulevards and preserving them, rather than creating a plan to change them. 

He says the system is significant in nature because of its founding and design, and could soon have a nationally significant designation.

"The Nebraska State Historical Society has nominated the Boulevard System to be placed on the National Register of Historical Places. They just approved the application and have now forwarded it on to the National Parks Service in Washington DC.”

Ciaccio says the designation could be approved as soon as December. 

The historical designation would provide more protection from wholesale changes of any of the boulevard sections. 

Additionally, any major changes would have to be approved by the Nebraska State Historical Society.