Omaha budget forums underway

Omaha, NE – Omaha city officials want public input to be part of the 2011 budget process.

Mayor Jim Suttle says part of that process is hearing from the public about their priorities. A series of budget forums are underway, and the public is asked to rate their priorities for public safety, public works and parks.

Suttle says the budget situation for 2011 looks dire because sales tax revenue is flat. Also, the city anticipates there'll be a drop in property values, which translates to a decline in the tax revenue.

Mayor Suttle says Omaha is in a "real dilemma" this budget year due to spending cuts made last fall. According to Suttle, the 156 layoffs left the city short of workers who were then needed for snow removal and pothole repairs.

Additional budget forums are scheduled for:

-April 12th at the Omaha Public Schools TAC building

-April 14th at Millard South

-April 19th at South High School

-April 21st at Northwest High School

-April 28th at Burke High School

All forums begin at 6:30 PM.