The Omaha Children's Museum launches its first ever, locally-made national touring exhibit

Oct 26, 2017

The Omaha Children’s Museum has had a couple of exhibits they’ve rented to museums outside of the state, but their newest exhibit, Forever Forest, is the first-ever, locally-created national touring exhibition.

Lindy Hoyer, Executive Director of the Omaha Children’s Museum, says Forever Forest will spread a message about the proper care and use of our forests, our only natural sustainable and renewable resource.

Hoyer says the museum has partnered with the Harwood Forest Foundation to make the foundation’s educational kit, The Truth About Trees, into an immersive experience on a national level. 

She says when the idea first came up, staff didn’t think it was the right project for the museum because staff had no expertise in forestry and there are no major forests in the state.

"But as we began to talk, what we realized is that the partners who knew the messages and educational content were already there. What they were seeking was a partner like the Omaha Children’s Museum who could actually then take this beautiful, educational message that already existed and create this exhibit, an engaging experience for kids and adults.”

Hoyer says after viewing the exhibition, she hopes everyone will leave with an understanding of how we can better take care of our forests and trees. 

Forever Forest is on view at the Omaha Children’s Museum through April 15th before starting its multi-year tour.  For more information, the website is