Omaha City Council approves 2015 budget, with amendments

Aug 27, 2014

The Omaha City Council has approved Mayor Jean Stothert's 2015 budget, with a few amendments.


Council members dealt with additional reserve funding, money for an active living coordinator, and other items before approving the budget Tuesday afternoon. The budget includes a two-percent property tax cut. Councilman Ben Gray proposed an amendment to strip that tax cut from the budget, but pulled the amendment citing a lack of votes.


Gray said the tax cut would benefit few in his north Omaha district.


"Less than 40 percent of the people in my district own their homes, so about 60 percent of them rent. So they're not going to get any benefit out of this tax cut at all. And for those who rent, if you think those who are going to be the beneficiaries of this tax cut, and many of them are going to be multiple property owners, don't think for one minute that they're going to pass any of those savings on to you, because they're not."


Mayor Stothert's budget funds 21 new police officers in 2015. An amendment passed by the Council adds eight officers to that class. Another amendment puts $60,000 toward the Active Living manager position. It'll be a part of Omaha Public Works.