Omaha City Council rejects new police contract

Omaha, NE – A new contract for Omaha Police Union members will likely be decided in court.

City council members Tuesday voted down an amendment to the contract they introduced six weeks ago. Councilmen then rejected the police union contract. Before the vote, Police Union president Aaron Hanson said that team wouldn't continue to negotiate unless at least two city council members were present. But Council President Garry Gernandt says the negotiations should be handled by the city's team.

Hanson says a resolution isn't possible without both sides coming to an understanding on the issues. Hanson said there was a breakdown in the understanding of both sides' concerns and problems.

Hanson says there were only two brief meetings to discuss a new contract and negotiate. The Police Union received the contract addendum April 14th.

In a statement, Mayor Suttle says he's disappointed with the Council's vote. He says both sides need to continue working toward an agreement that's fair to both the Police Union and taxpayers.