Omaha city councilman proposes Rosenblatt renovation plan

Omaha, NE – Omaha City Councilman Jim Suttle says he won't support efforts to build a downtown stadium. Suttle says the city has other financial responsibilities and the people have been shut out of the ballpark discussions. He's proposing the so-called Rosenblatt Twenty-Twenty Five plan. It calls for renovating Rosenblatt Stadium to keep the College World Series in Omaha for another 20 years, creating a Sports Facility Capital Fund, and forming a partnership with the five metro area counties, cities, and both state governments to financially feed the Fund. After the 20 years, a new stadium would be built at the Rosenblatt site in exchange for a 25 year extension. Financial contributions to the Sports Facility Capital Fund would continue, and could be used to build amateur sports facilities.